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Lincoln Nebraska Basement Remodeling Services

At Toolbelt Construction, we are here to work with you on your basement remodel. We focus on providing high-quality craftsmanship for our customers. Remodeling your basement can be a creative way to add some space in your house. However, many factors come into play when doing this project. By integrating our operations and services with our customers, we always want to help our customers separate themselves with our unique and competitive services. Basement remodeling will bring up several questions and many decisions will need to be made along the way to the completed remodel.

Things to Consider Before Starting Your Basement Renovation

  • Foundation -Before you start any additional construction in your house, it’s always a good idea to have the foundation checked. Some indicators of a compromised foundation include horizontal cracks, soft concrete, poorly latched doors, curved, cracked, or bulging walls, and cracks on any floor in the home.
  • Water – Be sure to check for any water issues in the basement. Carefully examine the ceiling, walls, and floors for any signs of water damage. Leaking pipes in the cellar frequently go unnoticed. However, the tell-tale signs include rotting timber, mold, and a shift in the foundation. Ignoring such problems may lead to costly issues later on.
  • Space – The ceiling height is one of the determinants of what you can do with your basement. The International Residential Code requires basements to have a minimum height of 7 feet. Depending on the available area, you can restructure the basement into a family room, bedroom, kitchen, laundry room, or home office.
Basement Remodel - Lincoln, NE
Basement Remodel - Lincoln, NE
Basement Remodel - Lincoln, NE

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Basements

How Much Will It Cost To Remodel My Basement?
An average basement remodel starts at $15,000.
How Long Will The Basement Remodel Take?
The completion time of your basement remodel will depend on the size, features, and complexity of your remodel. We recommend taking a look at some of the structural issues above which can increase the time and price. On average basements take 4-8 weeks to complete.
Will You Help With The Design?
We will work with you to ensure the desires of your new basement have been developed. We will start with the design phase where we will combine your ideas with our remodeling expertise to create the perfect plan for your new basement.

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Once you’ve checked the above factors to determine the viability of remodeling your basement, it’s time to get in contact with someone who specializes in basement remodeling. Contact us today for free estimates for your basement remodeling project, and get started today.