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Lincoln Nebraska Home Addition Services

Do you love your home, but just wish it were a little…..bigger and better? A home addition can create a refreshing new space. However, when it is not done properly, a home addition project can quickly become an expensive eyesore. At Toolbelt Construction, our experts will not let that happen to you. One of our goals is to add to your home in a refined, smooth manner, so the addition will be practically invisible and the flow of your design will tie back to the original design seamlessly.. A home addition project can give your home a new look without going through the challenges of completely altering your entire home.

Our Home Additions Deliver More Than Additional Space

At Toolbelt Construction, we design and build home additions that will provide you with additional space to enjoy your homes and your life. However, the home additions we create will offer so much more than that. Our home additions are designed to allow you to have the lifestyle you desire, with the people you enjoy, in the house you have made a home. We have set the standard for home additions due to the design, quality, and innovation of our projects. When you first purchased your home, you believed the square footage was perfect. Today, it seems as if you do not have enough space. Does your empty nest need refeathering as you welcome your children and grandchildren into your home? Whatever the reason behind your need for a home addition, you will need to find a construction and remodeling team that will be able to fulfill your needs and desires.
Additions - Lincoln, NE
Additions - Lincoln, NE
Additions - Lincoln, NE

Why You Should Choose Toolbelt Construction for Your Home Addition

Known for treating our clients with an outstanding level of personal service and professionalism, we have gained a reputation as one of the best and most trusted remodelers in Lincoln. We design and build home additions of all sizes and will handle every aspect of your project. We will integrate your addition into the interior and exterior design of your home for a seamless finish. We understand numerous elements of design will need to be used to create the best space for your family and pride ourselves in taking a design-forward approach that will allow us to create a stunning plan for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Home Additions

How much should I anticipate spending?
Your room addition cost will depend on a variety of factors, including the size of your home, material, construction costs, and more. When you are ready for more room in your home, our team can provide you with a free estimate.
How long will my home addition take?
Our team can identify the stages of your home addition project and establish a realistic timeline from start to finish. Every project will begin with an understanding of your wishes and what is possible for your home addition in regards to the work that will be put in.
What type of materials will be used for the home addition project?
Typically, a home addition project will imply a variety of materials. There will be several things to consider when determining what type of materials will need to be used. Specific materials and tools to work with will vary from project to project.
What can I do to make the home addition process smoother?
Preparation will help any major home improvement project flow smoothly from beginning to end. Renovations like home additions will take time, but when you have realistic expectations about it, you can make the process smoother.

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